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Adj.1.white-seeded - having white seeds
seedy - full of seeds; "as seedy as a fig"
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Easily-grown, giving a lot of seed from a small space, this is the rare white-seeded type with a superior flavour.
The bean genotypes were divided into three groups based on their seed color, as 41 white-seeded ones, 25 other colored-seed ones, and 30 mottled-seed ones.
Pole-type varieties, including 'Christmas' ('Large Speckled Calico') and white-seeded 'King of the Garden,' can return huge yields if supplied with a secure trellis.
These lines (KS 116 A/B-KS 120A/B) (GP-610 to GP-619, PI 634495 to PI 634504) are all white-seeded, tan plant types that represent a range of maturity including lines that are earlier than previously released tan steriles.
But seed companies improved the bean and released new strains, and by the '50s, the only beans grown were stringless, white-seeded strains resistant to common bean mosaic.
Roos (1984) similarly reported that white-seeded lines of snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) deteriorated faster than colored ones under unfavorable storage conditions.
According to Hurd (1959), Suneson was providing breeders with blue-seeded wheat material developed from 10 generations of backcrossing to the white-seeded, spring wheat cultivar Baart as early as 1949.
Dewey translocation lines developed by using irradiated pollen from blue-seeded plants from the cross 'Blue Baart'/'Norco' (Norco: CItr 14482) to pollinate emasculated spikes of the white-seeded, spring wheat 'Pavon 76' (PI 520003).
GP-88, PI 583348) is a white-seeded proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) developed by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station.
It is a small (23 g [100.sup.-1] seed [weight.sup.-1]) white-seeded line with indeterminate Type II growth habit (Singh 1982).
White-seeded CWWS breeding lines must be readily distinguishable from red-seeded CWRS lines to meet registration standards.
In field tests in 1999 and 2000 in which plants of Coronet were inoculated with CMV and BlCMV and used as spreader rows, plants arising from white-seeded PI 441918 had a significantly lower number of plants infected with CMV than did Coronet.