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 (wīt′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər, hwīt′-)
n. also white water
Turbulent or frothy water, as in rapids or surf.
adj. also white-water
Of, relating to, intended for, or taking place on whitewater, especially in river rapids: whitewater rafting.
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LUKE ROWE will be Chris Froome's road captain for Team Sky on the Tour de France - less than a year after he shattered his right leg in a white-water rafting accident on a stag weekend.
If you love white-water rafting, surfing, or gorge scrambling, then Cardiff International White Water has it covered.
Send your questions to travel@people.co.uk QI FANCY white-water rafting but I'm not on a Grand Canyon kind of budget!
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The tragedy that left a tourist dead in Cagayan River on June 13 is pushing city officials and tour operators to draft a set of safety protocols for white-water rafting.
DAILY Post readers have been putting some spectacular pictures of their watersport activities on our Flickr page - and here we bring a selection of the best, from the main picture of adrenaline-fuelled white-water action at Porth Dafarch near Holyhead uploaded by pentreberwsjw to the artfully-composed tranquil angling scene "From morning to the end of the day" uploaded by jenred.
The hotel can tailor packages for both first-timers to white-water rafting and those seeking a more action-packed experience.
WHEN you have never been sea fishing before, get sea sick and are only out on the waves in a boat so you can go white-water rafting, the last thing you expect on the end of your line is 7ft or so of marlin.
A number of years ago, my soon-to-be brother-in-law, his entourage, and I celebrated his bachelor's party with an exhilarating multiday white-water rafting trip along the Penobscot River deep in the wilds of Maine.
And then, one warm summer day, as I was white-water rafting on the Colorado River with a group of my campers, the reason behind my course decisions hit me: I would love to do camp year-round as my professional career!
But it will require some of his best paddling yet to pull off a proposal to create a white-water park in Alton Baker Park.