whitetail deer

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Noun1.whitetail deer - common North American deerwhitetail deer - common North American deer; tail has a white underside
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
genus Odocoileus, Odocoileus - North American deer
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IN THIS ISSUE, our Whitetail Special, we cover the wonderful world of whitetail deer. The vast majority of our readers hunt whitetails, and this issue is dedicated to all of you who love to pursue this most spectacular game animal from trees, blinds, or on foot.
Earlier this year, an albino whitetail deer was spotted by a hunter in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.
What would be the minimum draw weight and arrow weight I would need to get a complete pass-through on a whitetail deer? I have a draw length of 22 inches, and I will be shooting a 125-grain fixed-blade broadhead.
Suitable for taking game as large as whitetail deer when loaded at supersonic velocities, the round is offered at half the price of comparable cases.
North Dakota, 1947--Currently 14th in North Dakota, this typical whitetail deer, scoring 178-1/8 points, was taken by Lawrence E.
It's the ideal crossbowscopefor medium-sized game such as whitetail deer and mule deer.
Our publications and productions cover whitetail deer hunting from Mexico to Canada and from the far Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on the Western Whitetail sub-species: Carmen Mountain Whitetail, Columbian Whitetail, Coues Whitetail, Dakota Whitetail, Northwest Whitetail, and Texas Whitetail.
"The whitetail deer is the best judge of our products.
Bowhunters, black-powder enthusiasts and general rifle hunters are gearing up for whitetail deer and turkey seasons.
We saw what we thought was a whitetail deer cross the road from the corn to the bean field.
A 384 page compendium, "Records of North American Whitetail Deer: Decades of Trophy Listings for Wild, Free-Ranging Whitetails" is authoritatively compiled by the Boone and Crockett Club and offers a detailed tabular listing of 12,254 whitetail trophics ranked according to their all-time Boone and Crocket scores.
Whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) populations of several islands along the Georgia coast have appeared to be in declining health for the past 10 years.