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 (wīt′thrōt′, hwīt′-)
Either of two Old World songbirds (Sylvia communis or S. curruca) having brownish plumage and a white throat and belly.
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(Animals) either of two Old World warblers, Sylvia communis or S. curruca (lesser whitethroat), having a greyish-brown plumage with a white throat and underparts
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(ˈʰwaɪtˌθroʊt, ˈwaɪt-)

1. any of several small songbirds having white throats, esp. an Old World warbler, Sylvia communis.
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Noun1.whitethroat - Old World warbler similar to the greater whitethroat but smallerwhitethroat - Old World warbler similar to the greater whitethroat but smaller
warbler - a small active songbird
2.whitethroat - greyish-brown Old World warbler with a white throat and underparts
warbler - a small active songbird
3.whitethroat - common North American finch with a white patch on the throat and black-and-white striped crownwhitethroat - common North American finch with a white patch on the throat and black-and-white striped crown
New World sparrow - sparrow-like North American finches
genus Zonotrichia, Zonotrichia - large New World sparrows
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[ˈwaɪtθrəʊt] Ncurruca f zarcera
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red-winged lark (Mirafra erythroptera), grey-winged blackbird (Turdus boulboul), ashy-grey wren warbler (Prinia hodgsonii), hogson's wren warbler (Prinia cineveocapilla), lesser whitethroat (Sylvia curruca), crested black tit (Parus melanolophus), thick-billed flower-pecker (Dicaeum agile), willow sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis), Indian silver bill (Eodice malabarica) and spotted munia (Lonchura punctulata) were not recorded in this study whereas 11 new passerine species were identified.
However, warblers in general are struggling to maintain populations, with the whitethroat, once a regular summer visitor here, now seemingly absent.
But there were the usual numbers of warblers with Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and Blackcap all breeding in the park.
The chiffchaff, whitethroat and blackcap are all types of which bird?
Activists say the most common species in the traps are Blackcaps, Lesser Whitethroat, Garden Warblers, Nightingales, and Reed Warblers, all long distant-migrants with populations declining in most EU countries.
Among them grey heron and little egret, great black-backed gull and black-headed gull, great spotted woodpecker, blackcap and whitethroat, song thrush and mistle thrush, and yellowhammer and reed bunting.
The breeding bird surveys highlighted the presence of four territories from within the survey area and a further three within a 50m buffer, comprising six different species, two of which are recognised as being of national conservation concern: willow warbler and whitethroat. As well as the dingy skipper, the site also harbours the small heath butterfly, also of high conservation priority.
Just some of the reserve's most notable birds of interest include the goosander, "saw-billed" duck, the lapwing, snipe and whitethroat.
Clare here uses to serious purpose the insights he facetiously develops in "Style," alternating regular iambic lines and those beginning with a dactyl or trochee to mimic the soft then forceful breath of the wind and the inward melodies and outswelling raptures of the whitethroat's song.
The project has already attracted 13 species of butterflies and several types of birds including blackcap, whitethroat and willow warbler, linnets, goldfinch, thrushes and blackbirds.
Sylviidae Sylvia communis Common whitethroat Sylvia curruca Lesser whitethroat Hippolias polyglotta Melodious warbler Sylvietta brachyuran Northern combrec Hippolais spp Sedge wabler Acrocephalus Tawny-flanked prinia schoenobaenus Prinia subflava Warbler Sylvia spp Willow warbler 36.
Between the woodland and the canal bridge a whitethroat did its stuff, and after a short while listening (and watching) I led the group, with impeccable timing, to the entrance of the wetlands.