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(Automotive Engineering) a pneumatic tyre having white sidewalls


(ˈʰwaɪtˌwɔl, ˈwaɪt-)

an automobile tire with a white sidewall.
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With his trademark machinegun stutter, Martin Scorsese tells us, in his Personal Journey Through American Cinema--over a widescreen, technicolour image of a shiny black, yank-tank with whitewall tyres, gliding toward the fascist-inspired deco gates of Cinecitta Studios in Rome--that we are viewing a scene from the self-reflexive, runaway production, Two Weeks in a Another Town (Vincente Minnelli, 1962).
The last edition has a retro look, with chrome trim from bumper to bumper, whitewall tyres and CD player, but it also stays true to its roots: It is still a four-cylinder, manual transmission vehicle that weighs less than 1,780lb.
The model features a 22-litre fuel tank, chrome treatment for the lamps, handlebar, engine, forks and exhaust system, a front mudguard with Road King badging and 130/80 whitewall tyres. The electronic instrument console includes a speedometer, distance to empty gauge, tachometer and a gear indicator.
It had a great retro look and whitewall tyres. It was cute and had pearl effect paint so when the sun shone it looked gorgeous.
It features upgraded brake and suspension systems, a 15-inch extension to the Defender's front end, plastic cladding on the sides, a model-specific front fascia with a revised radiator grille and five-spoke alloy wheels fitted with low-profile whitewall tyres.
Shame, since they missed one of the weirdest looking bikes I've seen in a long time, and I don't mean the spoked wheels, the whitewall tyres and matching tank, or the short bobber-style front mudguard.
I'm sure you've seen them driving around town in their souped-up Astra GTis with whitewall tyres, twin tailpipes, go- faster stripes and a sound system to give Concord's sonic boom an inferiority complex.
Consumer Reports noted in a blog post, 'If you still think of Buick as a brand only for octogenarians with a taste for whitewall tyres and vinyl roof treatments, the Regal will change your mind in one test drive.'
Tough call, but the LT looks more classy with its whitewall tyres and spokes, the screen and panniers remove quickly for a cleaner look, it's only marginally less sporty than the Commander and it's a mere grand more.
right from its whitewall tyres to its twin filler caps .
Just look at that retro-styling - all the gleaming chrome, the wide-set handlebars, huge shiny headlight, spoked wheels, 1940s-style front mudguard, the floorboards, the big saddlebags and, of course, those stand-out whitewall tyres.
The automaker has collaborated with its Brazilian unit to produce 600 Last Edition Kombis with powder blue paint, whitewall tyres and a reworked interior.