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 (wĭt′l, hwĭt′l)
v. whit·tled, whit·tling, whit·tles
a. To cut small bits or pare shavings from (a piece of wood).
b. To fashion or shape in this way: whittle a toy boat.
2. To reduce or eliminate gradually: whittled down the debt by making small payments.
To cut or shape wood with a knife.

[From Middle English whyttel, knife, variant of thwitel, from thwiten, to whittle, from Old English thwītan, to strike, whittle down.]

whit′tler n.
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Noun1.whittler - someone who whittles (usually as an idle pastime)
do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bum - person who does no work; "a lazy bum"
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Matthew Silver was the first in 1996, then Morgan Whittler in 1999, Charlie Jones in 2006 and joshua Pascoe in 2010.
Ethnic similarity, or perceived ethnic similarity, between the model in an ad and consumers can positively affect perceptions of ad model attractiveness and credibility for White-American consumers (Hoy & Wong, 2000), as well as increase attitudes towards the advertised product for African-American consumers (Whittler & Spira, 2002).
Teylor Whittler, 19, said a man named Ethan "picked me up because I kept getting ...
"It was sheer panic," said Teylor Whittler, 19, who was inside the venue at the time.
Describing the shooter, Teylor Whittler, a witness and daughter of a military man said, "He changed clips really fast.
Elsewhere, Shapero sounds like the closest American poetry has come in decades to stand-up, though what kind of comedian is she--a whittler of one-liners?
As reported in the Whittler (Calif.) Daily News, Leticia Vasquez, a director on the Central Basin Municipal Water District in California, has sued the Hews Media Group for libel over an article that accused her and a local councilwoman of attempting to extort campaign contributions from a housing developer.
Researchers have found that including source cues in advertisements can activate cultural values or identity (Brumbaugh, 2002; Whittler & Spira, 2002).
In the collection The Things I Heard About You, Leslie proves to be an expert whittler of words.
Lynn Duttlinger and Tony Gillisse have been named Directors; Gretchen Kalk advanced to Senior Manager; Rachael Sarson and Jeff Whittler are now Managers; and Katie Wolozanski has been named a Senior Accountant.
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