whiz kid

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whiz kid

n. Informal
A young person who is exceptionally intelligent, innovatively clever, or precociously successful.

[Alteration of Quiz Kid, a panelist on an early game show.]

whiz′ kid`

Informal. a youthful and exceptionally intelligent, talented, or successful person.
whiz′-kid`, adj.

whiz(z) kid

n (inf, in career) → Senkrechtstarter(in) m(f); financial/publishing whiz kidFinanz-/Verlagsgenie ntor -größe f; a whiz kid like him will soon find a solutionein solcher Intelligenzbolzen wird bald auf eine Lösung kommen (inf)

whiz kid

n (fam) → mago/a
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They fielded a 10-man squad containing seven Scotland 7s internationals, two USA 7s internationals and Fijian 7s whiz kid, Niko Matawalu.
Also, my guess is that once the 10 year grants for these farms stop I think you will find the blades on these electric generators will also stop and we will be left with rusty eyesores until some whiz kid comes up with a scheme to give grants for their dismantling.
A finance whiz kid, Singh was dedicated to the cause, learning everything he could by talking to the customer service representatives on the phone, diligently researching information on the internet, scrutinizing the fine print on account statements and quizzing his mother.
If you're no whiz kid when it comes to maths, maths-help.
Reed's loss was a stunning tall from grace for the former hardball political operator and telegenic whiz kid who led TV preacher Pat Robertson's CC from 1989-97.
Whiz kid Jimmy Neutron may know how to build rockets and Jet-Paks to get himself out of jams.
The radioactive Boy Scout; the frightening true story of a whiz kid and his homemade nuclear reactor.
Leonid Sarafanov was a high-flying whiz kid Solor (with Pavlenko) and Daniil Korsuntsev a gracious, noble one (with Kondaurova).
NOT SO LONG AGO, WHEN AN Ivy League university president nominated to run the National Endowment for the Humanities was pilloried by conservatives for knuckling under to campus radicals, Ralph Reed, the whiz kid of the Christian Coalition, dubbed him "The Pope of Political Correctness," a phrase whose import--both halves of it--was unlikely to be missed by his fundamentalist Protestant legions.
shouted Whiz Kid Bob Miller to the alumni of that famed Phillies team as they pulled on authentic jerseys from that era.
Paul is pressed into the director's chair after Andrzej's replacement, a brash American whiz kid who seems loosely modeled after Francis Coppola (played by Roman's cousin--and Francis's nephew--Jason Schwartzman), breaks his leg.