also whizz-bang (wĭz′băng′, hwĭz′-)Informal
One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang of a speech.
1. Conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang ad campaign.
2. Very rapid and eventful; rushed: whiz-bang pacing; a whiz-bang schedule.

[From whizzbang, a shell used in World War I that was heard only an instant before landing and exploding : whiz + bang.]


or whiz′bang′ or whizz′-bang′,

first-rate; topnotch: a whiz-bang slam dunk.
[1910–15; orig. imitative]
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First -- and a very big first: This has nothing to do with the company's pressure cookers, the whiz-bang, do-everything devices that have gained a cult following.
UKPRwire, Wed Dec 13 2017] It seems each day comes with a new announcement in the digital signage world -the start of a whiz-bang technology, a fresh vendor coming into the market, some huge sale or formation of a new business alliance.
NSC's Information and Learning Technology Lead, Andy Cawthray added "Enabling the effective use of IT isn't about everyone having the latest whiz-bang gizmo.
Amid what is increasingly being called "silvertech," what's needed most is to get past the shiny, whiz-bang aspects of the gadgets and reach deeper into understanding what kind of technology seniors really need--and how they need it to work.
Minecraft's appeal doesn't depend on whiz-bang technology.
It wasn't all this whiz-bang banking with people sitting behind computer screens betting with other people's money.
Other whiz-bang solutions to Britain's spiralling drink problem include 'booze busses' where paramedics patrol the streets to provide on the spot help to those who have cracked open their heads falling down drunk and more police in hospital A&E departments to stop the inebriated killing each other.
Meanwhile, without whiz-bang holograms or fly-wires, the most hi-tech it gets is the robotic wooden horse and carriage shrouded in dry ice that whisks Cinders to the ball at the end of act one.
We ogle the sleek new bow designs, hail the whiz-bang accessory features and get positively giddy when we step over to the range and let a few arrows fly from these marvels of modern engineering.
5 ELTs is 98 percent and 90 percent for the newest, whiz-bang 406 ELTs.
Gardner, who passed away last Saturday at 95, leaves a legacy future generations are sure to discover with delight whenever they run across his work in dusty bookshops or whiz-bang websites.