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also whizz-bang (wĭz′băng′, hwĭz′-)Informal
One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang of a speech.
1. Conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang ad campaign.
2. Very rapid and eventful; rushed: whiz-bang pacing; a whiz-bang schedule.

[From whizzbang, a shell used in World War I that was heard only an instant before landing and exploding : whiz + bang.]


or whiz′bang′ or whizz′-bang′,

first-rate; topnotch: a whiz-bang slam dunk.
[1910–15; orig. imitative]
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Using new, state-of-the-art SUN technology, all the whiz-bangs, swivel screens, colors and graphics offered by the user's favorite mobile device, are heightened with emoze technology, ensuring a smooth transition from desktop to mobile.
Spectators indiscriminately toss crackers and whiz-bangs around with little care for fellow revellers, making the walk to the bar or hotel something of an ordeal.
Forgive my sycophancy, but this is perhaps the creme de la creme of Liverpool's whiz-bangs of this, that, the other and hooplas.
So it's natural to assume that the new federal courthouse, with all its glorious architectural whiz-bangs and breathtaking $70 million price tag, would meet cutting-edge standards for accessibility.
Although there was no shortage of high-profile expensive toys brimming with technological innovations, keynote speaker Bob Lutz warned against overreliance on snappy, but worthless, whiz-bangs.
Cheap TV Spots concentrates, not on worthless whiz-bangs for their website, but on delivering more bang-for-the-buck for the entrepreneur on a budget.