whizz along

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Verb1.whizz along - move along very quicklywhizz along - move along very quickly    
hurry, travel rapidly, zip, speed - move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed"
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| "Pinball"-style rollercoaster which spins riders around as they whizz along the track.
Then whizz along to Armstrong Bridge, that's best, And left at the end up Jesmond Park West.
Zip riders whizz along at nearly 50mph almost 1,000ft up.
Plans are afoot for adventurous teddy bears to whizz along on a specially constructed zip wire, giving them a bird's eye view of the gardens, before landing safely back in the arms of their owners.
Remarkably for a 125 with only 14 horses to call on, it'll quite happily whizz along at 60-70mph - more than enough to make motorway commutes entirely feasible.
Your skater girl will love this D Street Polyprop neon flash cruiser, PS79.99, from Skatehut.co.uk - its wheels light up as you whizz along | Letter days...
They whizz along at speed, usually wearing earphones, and have no consideration whatsoever for walkers or us volunteers who are working along the towpath.
That's when we stumble upon a leaflet for something called "Velo Rail" which shows four cartoon characters in a shared cycle-car, grinning as they whizz along the tracks of a former railway line.
"It'll be tough so I'm delighted the training hikes will be made much easier by the fact I can whizz along to them in the my new wheels."
He's had to turn on the lights in our high street and then whizz along for photographs with the mayor before appearing the very next day at the school fayre.
Their master, the Mighty Mekon, was so wickedly brainy that his head grew too heavy for his feeble body - this meant he had to whizz along on his own flying saucer.