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Visitors to Shrewsbury Flower Show can be assured of a real whizz-bang finale this year with the news of a new company coming on board to put on the traditional fireworks display.
Rochdale's regeneration chief has set out his 'whizz-bang' vision for transforming the area around the town's railway station.
A host of techy whizz-bang options are available including Energizing Coach, which measures passengers' stress levels (if they're wearing a Garmin watch) and recommends settings for the various comfort systems in the vehicle.
The BBC's November Good Food Guide says Blackstocks is: "One of those whizz-bang new-wave chippies putting the zing back into our national dish.
So I did the smart thing and bought myself a whizz-bang modem from WIND.
The most whizz-bang component of the case, according to the campaign, is that you can see representations of your hands operating on the other side, so it creates the illusion that your device is transparent.
All Is Lost touches on similar themes to Alfonso Cuaron''s blockbuster Gravity - solitude, mortality, the indomitability of the human spirit - albeit without whizz-bang digital effects.
We were told this whizz-bang technology was a.) easy to use and b.) would save time.
As independent voices, they have a better chance of "selling Bahrain" to the international public than any slick PR campaign or by switching on whizz-bang toys.
The day included whizz-bang science shows and workshops, liquid nitrogen demonstrations, snakes and insects and performances from "science buskers".
Why is the electronic filing system our state courts have adopted such a clunker when the federal court system is whizz-bang?
Whizz-bang: The opera house is the backdrop as Sydney again pulled out all the stops to welcome the new year in style.