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also whizz-bang (wĭz′băng′, hwĭz′-)Informal
One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang of a speech.
1. Conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful: a whiz-bang ad campaign.
2. Very rapid and eventful; rushed: whiz-bang pacing; a whiz-bang schedule.

[From whizzbang, a shell used in World War I that was heard only an instant before landing and exploding : whiz + bang.]


or whiz′bang′ or whizz′-bang′,

first-rate; topnotch: a whiz-bang slam dunk.
[1910–15; orig. imitative]
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Josef Davies achieves a dreamlike state, lying beneath a blanket on the stage while the rest of the action whizz-bangs around him.
a flight of whizz-bangs skimmed the top of the trench.
I expect you'll be fizzing whizz-bangs in a test tube.
If you fizz whizz-bangs in a test tube until you can destroy us all, you'll have made something terrible, but you will still be left with the mysteries of life and death - and why the Chorley cake is finer than the Eccles cake.
While the night sky outside was ablaze with rockets and whizz-bangs, the experience at its Cardiff Gate outlet was something of a damp squib - good, wholesome, reasonably priced food let down by grim surroundings and a waitress who, on a quiet night, resented having to clear away a table so we could have our preferred spot.
Whizz-Bangs, Boche And Woolly Bears is being launched this week in Newcastle.
Whizz-bangs, Mike explains in the book, is the name of the German 77m high velocity shell heard before gunfire; Boche, of course, is slang for the enemy; while Woolly Bears are the German high explosive 5.
What murk of air remained stank old, and sour With fumes from whizz-bangs, and the smell of men Who'd lived there for years, and left their curse in the den, If not their corpses.
You can keep your whizz-bangs, whooshes, sparklers, Catherine wheels, Jumping Jacks, Red Devils, Roman candles.