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Noun1.whizzbang - a small high-velocity shell; it makes a whizzing sound followed by a bang when it hits
shell - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
2.whizzbang - a firecracker that (like the whizbang shell) makes a whizzing sound followed by a loud explosionwhizzbang - a firecracker that (like the whizbang shell) makes a whizzing sound followed by a loud explosion
firecracker, banger - firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
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From Tommy Shelby's haunting horseback arrival in the show's very first scene, to the continuous plotting and scheming in 'Charlie's Yard', and of course the infamous 'sham execution' of the character Danny Whizzbang, the BCLM has played host to some of the show's greatest instances of drama, tension and visual film-craft.
"It promises to usher in a new era of frenetic family fun and whizzbang audience antics," commented a breathless BBC chief.
BBC kids' boss Cheryl Taylor said a new version of Crackerjack, for CBBC and iPlayer, was the "perfect vehicle" for Sam and Mark, adding it would "usher in a new era of frenetic family fun and whizzbang audience antics".
It began with Michelle Obama, whose memoirs I shall definitely be reading, just for the whizzbang acuity of her prose.
Peter Pan will also feature mind-blowing special effects by Whizzbang 3D Productions, which will take audiences from the comfort of their seats to the depths of the ocean in a spectacular underwater 3D sequence.
Yes, even Edge: Microsoft's supposedly whizzbang super-secure web browser.
Ghillie Dhu and the Dhon'ts, self-described "purveyors of Whizzbang Celtcore music," will play a St.
Almost inevitably, a whizzbang start to yesterday's trading was dominated by yet another Galileo filly reaching a blockbuster price when Nicolas de Watrigant of Mandore International outbid Hugo Lascelles at 700,000gns for a filly out of the Listed-placed Arkadina.
Whizzbang special effects - pyrotechnics, real flames and a digital screen lifted from an onstage pond - add to the drama, but with a production like this are pretty much gilding the lily.
Her projections are not so much whizzbang as languidly hypnotic, and the effect of viewing them--appropriately enough, given their "subject"--is not unlike that of counting sheep.
Jamie Carragher looked unfit, despite having officially recovered from a groin strain, and played in place of Daniel Agger, who in that last league game scored a whizzbang Anfield debut goal and looked quite safe.
Alluding to Dharmakaya and to "holy books," the speaker in another poem states: "I'm no Buddhist, too attached to the world / of my six senses." But the senses are intimately connected with the spirit of love and regeneration; the sense of touch, is highlighted in many poems, like "The Tantric Master" where the speaker tells us that a lover's sensuality makes him a "whizzbang dynamo and "hellbent on improving my spiritual status."