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Noun1.whole meal bread - bread made with whole wheat flourwhole meal bread - bread made with whole wheat flour  
bread, breadstuff, staff of life - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
graham bread - bread made of graham (whole wheat) flour
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The sandwiches included a walnut bread roast turkey with cranberry sauce, a smoked salmon with capers, gherkins and sour cream on whole meal bread, roast beef English mustard with water cress on white bread and a slow cooked chicken with applesauce on thyme bread.
For desserts people need to have more milk based desserts like yoghurt, and avoid high caffeine drinks as they cause you to lose more fluids, he said, and maintained that slow digesting and energy rich foods include porridge, muesli, bran, semolina, beans, eggs, chicken, fish, whole meal bread, rice, fruits-figs, dates, bananas, apricots, pears and etc.
For those who eat heavier meals, whole meal bread with egg or wheat kaboos with hummus or chicken is ideal.
They can be described as shallow-fried unleavened and multilayered whole meal bread which can also be stuffed with potatoes or spinach.
HBERline aims to add fiber to whole meal bread, without compromising sensory quality by maintaining volume, softness and freshness similar to traditional white bread, which remains the most popular choice among European consumers.
If you are having a starter, choose melon with fruit coulis or sorbet, smoked salmon or prawns with reduced fat mayonnaise served with whole meal bread or melba toasts.
In this concern, it is important to draw your attention to the fact that some producers add certain food colors to make white bread appear to be brown and so sell you a poor-quality bread for a higher price, so make sure to buy whole meal bread prepared of whole grains to get the maximum benefit of this indispensable food item.Another example is rice, and as it is the case for bread, the brown option is much healthier than the white counterpart.Brown rice is produced just by removing the outer, inedible husk of the grain, while keeping the bran and germ.
Pickled red cabbage is often served as an accompaniment and it's great with fresh, crusty whole meal bread to mop up the juices.
Lunch: Two slices of whole meal bread or two Ryvita with lean chicken, lettuce and cucumber, fruit and black coffee.