whole shebang

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Noun1.whole shebang - everything available; usually preceded by `the'; "we saw the whole shebang"; "a hotdog with the works"; "we took on the whole caboodle"; "for $10 you get the full treatment"
entireness, entirety, integrality, totality - the state of being total and complete; "he read the article in its entirety"; "appalled by the totality of the destruction"
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the cards that were given them; and Luck, the monstrous, mad-god thing, the owner of the whole shebang, looked on and grinned.
Whatever Mr Williamson's role was in the whole shebang, he's clearly someone to have on your team if you want to win.
Whatever the case, we can all pick up a few tips - if we're not already feeling superior about the whole shebang.
Sound of Music is about celebrating that." There are tonnes of events across the city throughout the festival - check out www.soundofbelfast.com for the whole shebang.
And the whole shebang's 18million square feet of commercial and residential space should be done by 2024.
Bakish's moves are worth watching he contends, adding that and if CBS (CBS) Leslie Moonves is out and there remains a chance that the two companies will recombine, Bakish might end up running the whole shebang. Regardless, the more immediate reason to give Viacom a look is the potential upside in its shares, the publication notes.
The whole shebang of widening/extension is to promise a fatigue-free, signal-free and hassle-free commute to those lucky people who dwell in DHA, Bahria, Naval Anchorage, River Garden and other housing societies situated along it.
THE World Cup is upon us and the big question is who is going to win the whole shebang.
But, if one would only stop for a minute and analyze the whole shebang, we can all agree that, more than anything, it's the government's lack of foresight and adequate enforcement of the law that is to blame.
If you go for them, go the whole shebang. It looks very odd from outside to see one or two windows with shutters and the rest not.
But if going commando is a step too far then the Shibue will ensure they don't show the whole shebang. It's a tiny triangle of glue-on fabric There's also a "C-string"(pictured) which seems to be fashioned from half a pantyliner and a pipe cleaner.
You can buy individual files, but the screaming deal is to just buy the whole shebang and download it.