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Noun1.wholesale house - a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted pricewholesale house - a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
discount chain - a chain of discount stores
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One result of these meetings, however, was that General Folsom was persuaded into taking military possession of the wholesale houses and of all the flour, grain, and food warehouses.
"We act like our town's wholesale house in those departments.
The continued openings of the retailer's innovative Flagship concept, the unveiling of a small-store format designed to fit a college campus, and, most recently, an energy-friendly store that accurately claims a net-zero energy output--these new-store initiatives have distinguished Walgreens every bit as impressively as its headline-making alliances with the Alliance Boots retail-wholesale enterprise and the AmerisourceBergen wholesale house.
Newport will be the second news and magazine wholesale house in the UK after the company's base in Plymouth.
"Everything I know about running a wholesale house, both positive and negative, I learned from my father.
Without warning, creditors began noticing a slowdown in payments from Later Alligator Wholesale House, Inc., a wholesaler of general merchandise.
A shared route with the main railway line would not only sidestep the suburban tree problem,but may also avoid wholesale house demolition in the search of a route to bring the line out of the city centre through 19th-century Liverpoolas far as the suburbs without blocking the existing road network.
Despite the dramatic change of leadership, Germany's foreign ministry bureaucracy experienced no wholesale house cleaning.
"We soon learned there were not enough drug stores-about 28 in the state-to support a wholesale house, so we went to the Bush stores and tried to stock everything they wanted.
The WSWA's idea of "competition" is exclusive territories and exclusive sale of a brand by a single wholesale house. It maintains that "exclusive territories depend on inter-brand competition (individual brands are sold by only one firm in a given territory, but the brand competes directly with different brands sold by different firms) to keep competitive pressure strong." (Emphasis added.) It is the same argument outlined by Robert Litan in the Chicago Tribune in which he examines a "duopoly" or situation in which two firms are the whole market.
My Father was 32 years old at the time and a salesman for a wholesale house. He had worked in Chicago for about 10 years.
The more aggressive floral wholesale house uses a qualified floral designer to create designs to sell to florists, gift stores, mass merchandisers, and other retailers.

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