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 (ho͞o′pər, wo͞o′-, hwo͞o′-)
1. A whooping crane.
2. A whooper swan.


(ˈwuːpə) or

whooper swan

(Animals) a large white Old World swan, Cygnus cygnus, having a black bill with a yellow base and a noisy whooping cry


(ˈhu pər, ˈʰwu-, ˈwu-)

1. a person or thing that whoops.
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Noun1.whooper - rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting callwhooper - rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting call
crane - large long-necked wading bird of marshes and plains in many parts of the world
genus Grus, Grus - type genus of the Gruidae: typical cranes
2.whooper - common Old World swan noted for its whooping callwhooper - common Old World swan noted for its whooping call
swan - stately heavy-bodied aquatic bird with very long neck and usually white plumage as adult
genus Cygnus, Cygnus - a genus of Anatidae
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Whooper Swans at RSPB Conwy and on Llanrwst floodwater and a Common Scoter on Abergele's Pentre Mawr lake were all unusual.
Elsewhere, the whooper swans and barnacle geese at Caerlaverock Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve are the resident international stars, having flown in from the Arctic, along with the redwings and fieldfare from Scandinavia.
Apparently up to 30,000 Barnacle Geese are expected to fly in from Svalbard, with Whooper Swans whizzing in from Iceland.
Likening whooper swans' calls to flugelhorns, he writes, "When six or seven birds are flying together in close formation, wings almost touching, their soft flugelings overlap in a rare and disturbing music that can be heard for miles.
We examined 8 Baikal teals, 3 bean geese, 1 whooper swan, and 2 mallard ducks naturally infected with HPAI A(H5N8) virus.
He literally takes his pants off, too - in a re-enactment of the film's"getting ready in front of the mirror" scene, to the delight of many a whooper in the crowd.
The terns have made their way south to Africa, as have the sand martins and in their place we are welcoming ducks such as wigeon and pochard, and geese such as barnacle geese and greylag geese as well as whooper swans replacing them and grazing on our fabulous wet grassland reserve.
com that Jonathan Whooper was arrested in October for multiple trespasses at the 'Rude Boy' hit maker's rented house in Pacific Palisades.
Jonathan Whooper, who allegedly claimed that he was the singer's "future husband" after he was arrested for trespassing at the 25-year-old star's home, has been ordered to stay away from her for the next two years.
The We Found Love star petitioned the court to ban Jonathan Whooper from getting near her after police officers found him snooping around her property several times.
When we lived near Watten in Caithness, my attempts to do so became a standing joke in our family, particularly in connection with whooper swans and greylag geese.
The impressively noisy Whooper swan and the smaller, rarer Bewick's are tough birds, but they are still not tough enough to cope with the permanent dark and unremitting chill of an Arctic winter.