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Of or characteristic of whores or a whore; lewd.

whor′ish·ly adv.
whor′ish·ness n.


(ˈhɔr ɪʃ, ˈhoʊr-; often ˈhʊər-)

having the character or characteristics of a whore; lewd.
whor′ish•ness, n.
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Marked by an absence of conventional restraint in sexual behavior; sexually unrestrained:
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Across an inherently dangerous world landscape, engaged Americans find themselves nonstop targets of headline whiplash, an avalanche of shiny objects, from a deeply biased media class, unprincipled disciples of whorish ratings and cheesy sensationalism.
6 Munday, meanwhile, laments that plays produce an exodus from the " "temple" and the "sacrament" to the "yeard" to "feede our adulterous eies with the impure & most whorish sight of filthie pastime.
Written, directed, and produced by Samberg and his long-time partners, Taccone and Schaffer, the movie has a jaunty good time skewering the whorish showbiz media kaleidoscope--the tabloids, the corporate tie-ins, TMZ--but its satire of youth stardom is a little skin-deep.
Things look firmly tied down as America's falconry, economically as well as militarily, will remain in charge no matter who's elected to occupy the White House; or minor changes take place in the mores of that political whorish majority which consistently is reelection-funded by special interests to return to Congress.
At one point he tries to confirm his suspicion that she is whorish by hiring a proxy to seduce her.
16) Both Stubbs's and Sidney's arguments depicted a conniving and whorish Catherine de Medicis; the aristocratic Sidney incurred the queen's wrath and exile from court for his outspokenness, while Stubbs lost a hand and spent several months in prison.
For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.
The girl is drawn to the Grand-Rue as a site "between here and there," where, she says, "I am no longer myself, the little fragile privileged girl that needs to be protected," and where she can be "I, Shakira, the most whorish of all the whores" (135).
whorish in the way you chase the ratings bump this story has given you.
8) In the 1921 essay "The American Famine" we find a colorful contrast between working men and the whorish bourgeoisie: "[There are] half a million men in this city, without friends, without women, without food and shelter, without a single one of the simple things that make Life bearable.
The Satraps Nixon, Frei, and Pinochet up to this day this bitter month of September 1973, with Bordaberry, Garrastazu and Banzer hyenas ravening our history, rodents gnawing at flags that were raised with so much blood and fire, hellish predators wallowing in haciendas satraps bribed a thousand times over and sellouts, scared by the wolves of Wall Street, machines starving for pain, stained by the sacrifice of a martyred people, prostitute merchants of bread and American air, deadly seneschals, a herd of whorish bosses with no other law but torture and the lashing hunger of the people.