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 (wûrt, hwûrt) also whor·tle (wûr′tl, hwûr′tl)
A whortleberry or its fruit.

[Variant of dialectal hurt.]
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What clothed these knolls With fiery whortle leaves?
An anonymous 10th century hermit writes, "I have a hut in the wood, none knows it but my Lord; an ash tree this side, a hazel on the other, a great tree on a mound encloses it" and goes on to describe the food he finds there: "A clutch of eggs, honey, produce of heath-peas, God has sent it; sweet apples, red bog berries, whortle berries," and the sounds of his retreat: "The voice of the wind against the branchy wood, gray with cloud; cascades of the river, the swan's song, lovely music." St.
A teacher who's gone wacko and a bully like Johnny Whortle in charge.