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of or belonging to whomsoever


(ˌhuz soʊˈɛv ər)

1. the possessive case of whosoever used as an attributive adjective: Whosesoever books are overdue will be fined.
2. the one or ones belonging to whomsoever: Whosesoever is left here will be confiscated.
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Clinic (V) Under whosesoever treatment, a patient can be aided in a sort of "irreality-free" meritocracy.
We are today living in a increasingly interdependent world and whosesoever I meet (the world leaders) I convey to them that all problems between India and Pakistan can be resolved through meaningful bilateral dialogue if only Pakistan would take a more reasonable attitude to dealing with those terrorist elements who target our country," he said.
This was well understood in the Civil Law, by which there might be a pledge with possession, and a Hypothecation without possession, and by which in either case the right travelled with the thing into whosesoever possession it came.