(ˈʰwaɪ əl, ˈwaɪ-)
contraction of why will or why shall.
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56) wherffor ytt whyll be be[st that e] schypp yowr wholl as schortly as e ma / the sonar 3e s[chypp yowr who]ll yt schall stonde /etc.
Perhaps the most striking instance of their refutation takes the form of a sarcastic mock-divisio to explain Mary's pregnancy: [RAISE SLANDER]: In feyth, I suppose pat pis woman slepte Withowtyn all coverte whyll pat it dede snowe; And a flake perof in to byre mowthe crepte, And perof pe chylde in byre wombe doth growe.
I saw iij hedles playen at a ball, An hanlas [handless] man served hem [them] all; Whyll iij mouthles men lay and low [laughed], Iij legles a-way hem drow [drew them].(120)
Wherfor, syrs, for Goddys loue, whyll 3e byn here, makyth amendes for your mys-dedys, and makype hom your frendes pat schall be our domes-men ...
(8) I be seke yowr masterschypp and my mastyrs all that 3e whyll menystyr yowr law vn to me so that I shall nott nede to seke none hodyr ways (GC 7: 336)
Thare vnbryills theis bolde and baytes peire horses, To pe grygynge of pe daye, pat byrdez gan synge, Whylls the surs of pe sonne, pat sonde es of Cryste, That solaces all synfull pat syghte has in erthe.