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also wik·i·up  (wĭk′ē-ŭp′)
A frame hut covered with matting, as of bark or brush, used by nomadic Native Americans of North America.

[Fox wi·kiya·pi, house, from Proto-Algonquian *wi·kiwa·ʔmi.]


(ˈwɪkɪˌʌp) ,




(Anthropology & Ethnology) US and Canadian a crude shelter made of brushwood, mats, or grass and having an oval frame, esp of a kind used by nomadic Indians now in Oklahoma and neighbouring states of the US
[C19: from Sac, Fox, and Kickapoo wikiyap; compare wigwam]



(ˈwɪk iˌʌp)

(in Nevada, Arizona, etc.) an American Indian hut made of brushwood or covered with mats.
[1850–55, Amer.; earlier applied to the wigwam of the Upper Great Lakes Indians < Fox wi·kiya·pi house < Proto-Algonquian *wi·kiwa·ˀmi; compare wigwam]
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Noun1.wickiup - a lodge consisting of a frame covered with matting or brushwickiup - a lodge consisting of a frame covered with matting or brush; used by nomadic American Indians in the southwestern United States
indian lodge, lodge - any of various Native American dwellings
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Then, you might have come to view the lunker Kokanee salmon and brown trout that migrate up the Deschutes River from the Wickiup Reservoir in September, or the bald eagles and osprey that are enticed by the spawning fish.
State Water Resources Department regional manager Kyle Gorman said officials still are trying to replenish Wickiup Reservoir after the last year's irrigation season.
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If I take risks and fail, I can always go back to my plastic wickiup in Mendocino.
I decided to turn the debris into a wickiup, a stickframe shelter that looks like an upside-down bowl.
1992, << Indian Museum Takes Shelter in Beaux-Arts Wickiup >>, Wall Street Journal, 17 novembre : A16.
Then another full day to set up the tepee and the wickiup.
Roused from his sleep, haske bahnzin ran from his kowa or wickiup, toward the dance ground.
They gazed upon it with the enthusiasm that a naked Amazonian Indian might greet the sudden arrival of a tumble-drier in his wickiup.
He called this enterprise Hanson's Wigwam, or sometimes Hanson's Wickiup.
Many of the best, the professionals, come here to go fish Paulina Lake or Wickiup Reservoir, both are located just south of Bend.
Well, I'd just, come out of the Last Chance something that looks like a cross between an Injun wickiup and a motherless circus tent.