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1. widow.
2. widower.
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Marcus continued: "After foundations are installed, the modular WID system can be attached or removed without drydocking.
I'm grateful to NDIA leadership for this fantastic opportunity and excited to join the dynamic NDIA and WID team," McCaffrey said.
In 2000, WID conducted a California-wide needs assessment on work-related direct services for California residents with disabilities.
WID started a new project with the American Red Cross to train staff and volunteers to better serve people with disabilities during disasters.
The WID office should receive up to $30 million, and its director
The WID policies and programmes emphasized "improving the condition" of women without really questioning the distributive aspect of the productive resources and/or without questioning the existing capitalist mode of production system.
OID, WID, job satisfaction and turnover intentions were assessed with the same measures employed in Sample 1.
In addition, WID incorporates a screen rejuvenation development tool, allowing true integration of host systems in e-business applications.
The SDKs, for both C++ and Java programmers, coupled with the new and improved features in the latest version of the core OS, are billed as offering would-be WID application builders everything they need to ride the coming tide of Smartphone and second generation "communicator" class devices which should begin appearing later this year.
Working Bibliography for WID Sector Work Development Activities in the New Regionalized Framework.
This chapter assesses recent evidence that the earlier WID assessments contributed to subsequent lending and nonlending work, and that gender is becoming more systematically integrated in ESW and CASs, at least in the 12 countries where the need is greatest.
Her work, then, is relevant to the women in development literature which often appears divided between the perspectives of institutionalized WID and the alternative vision of development.