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 (wĭd′ər-shĭnz′) or with·er·shins (wĭth′-)
In a contrary or counterclockwise direction: "The coracle whirled round, clockwise, then widdershins" (Anthony Bailey).

[Middle Low German weddersinnes, from Middle High German widersinnes : wider, back (from Old High German widar; see wi- in Indo-European roots) + sinnes, in the direction of (from sin, direction, from Old High German; see sent- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˈwɪdəˌʃɪnz; Scottish ˈwɪdər-)
chiefly Scot a variant spelling of withershins


(ˈwɪð ərˌʃɪnz)

also widdershins

in a direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun; counterclockwise.
Compare deasil.
[1505–15; < Middle Low German weddersin(ne)s < Middle High German widdersinnes <wider (Old High German widar) opposite (see with) + sinnes, genitive of sin way, course (c. Old English sīth journey; akin to send1); see -s1]


- Means "in a direction opposite of the usual one," but can also mean "unlucky."
See also related terms for unlucky.


proti směru hodinových ručiček
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