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Of, having, or being a camera lens with a relatively short focal length that permits an angle of view wider than approximately 70°.


1. of or pertaining to a lens having a relatively wide angle of view, generally 45° or more.
2. employing or made with a wide-angle lens: a wide-angle shot.
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Adj.1.wide-angle - of or relating to a fisheye lens


[ˈwaɪdˌængl] ADJ wide-angle lensgran angular m
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And it's also effective for taking photos in low light conditions and using shutter speeds as slow as 1/6th of a second at the wide-angle settings.
The new Nokia Camera app on the Nokia 5 smartphone reveals that the upcoming Nokia 9 smartphone will feature a telephoto and a wide-angle camera lens.
In addition to pattern mapping, the patent also mentions a new kind of wide-angle lens.
Nikon's KeyMission 170 is a first-person point of view camera that takes a 170degree wide-angle still or video-think GoPro-size recorder.
Wide-angle photography is perhaps the best way to recreate the natural human eye's field-of-vision.
It's like having two regular cameras slung over your shoulder, one for wide-angle shots, the other for zooming in on subjects farther away, right?
Theia offers a select range of wide-angle and telephoto lenses that are designed for 5MP and 4K cameras.
State-of-the-art EF11-24mm f/4L USM delivers unrivalled image quality and versatility in both wide-angle and close-up shots, covering horizontal angle of view at 117[degrees] and a diagonal angle of view of 126[degrees]
If you happen to own a smartphone and yet are an adrenaline junkie yourself, then you might be interested to hear about the Optrix XD Sport Wide-Angle action case, which was developed in partnership with iStabilizer.
1 Megapixels*Aa28mm wide-angle, 4x zoom with optical IS*Aa6.
Boasting three lighting levels (maximum, optimum and economic), two lighting modes (continuous and flashing), boost mode (shines to 50 meters for up to 20 seconds) and four interchangeable, wide-angle lenses (red, green, blue and transparent), the water-resistant Tactikka XP with ADAPT system allows users to mount the light to the included headband, onto a rigid surface and to your waist belt or shirt pocket.