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or wide·bod·y (wīd′bŏd′ē)
n. pl. wide-bod·ies or wide·bod·ies
A jet aircraft having a wide fuselage with passenger seats divided by two lengthwise aisles.

wide′-bod′ied, wide′bod′ied adj.
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[ˈwaɪdˈbɒdɪd] ADJ (Aer) → de fuselaje ancho
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PESHAWAR -- Construction of a new taxiway has affected flight operation at the Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar (BKIA) as foreign and national airlines suspended operation of wide-bodied aircraft indefinitely.
Auto Business News-May 25, 2017--Shelby introduces wide-bodied version of Super Snake
"Our investment in modern wide-bodied aircraft has always been the cornerstone of our strategy and success," said Adel Al-Redha, EVP and chief operations officer, Emirates.
Summary: "Our investment in modern wide-bodied aircraft has been the cornerstone of our strategy and success."
Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the UAE, will greatly increase options for travel to and from India, introducing more flights and wide-bodied jets by the end of this year, it said.
The Airbus A350 is another extra wide-bodied plane, with the new order meaning that Singapore Airlines will double its A350 fleet.
Completion in the summer will allow Birmingham to accommodate passengers from a variety of wide-bodied jets from all over the world using numerous airbridges at the same time.
* TBL 600 designed for pushback, inter-gate and higher speed, longer distance maintenance towing operations for handling wide-bodied aircraft, ranging from the A310/B767 up to and including the A380/A380F.
Summary: Emirates has purchased 60 wide-bodied aircraft to support the expansion of its international route network.
The carrier is buying six extra wide-bodied A350XWB-800 jets and six wide-bodied A330-200 aircraft together with purchase rights for an additional six of each model.
Finnish airline Finnair Plc said on Thursday (8 March) that it will replace its current Boeing MD-11 fleet with Airbus A340 and A330 wide-bodied aircraft by the year 2010.

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