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Adj.1.wide-cut - having ample fabricwide-cut - having ample fabric; "the current taste for wide trousers"; "a full skirt"
ample - more than enough in size or scope or capacity; "had ample food for the party"; "an ample supply"
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My general plan has been to shoot wide-cut mechanical broadheads, such as the Rage Hypodermic, for caribou-sized game and smaller, including black bears.
There are casual tops, shorts, jumpsuits, playsuits, button-down dresses that double as coats, sundresses, wide-cut pants, leggings.
In a rare nod to femininity, denim dresses were short and ruffled, but wide-cut pants were strictly XXXL on the slender models.
Successfully showcasing the local produce of the UAE, the Emirati pavilion usually sees a rush of shoppers, cruising for traditional products such as Abayas (cloaks for women), Jellabiyas (traditional wide-cut garmets), Shemagh (square Arab headdress), Sheila (headcover for both men and women), besides other Emirati specialties like Khous baskets, made from palm fronds.
If a bunion is not severe, wearing wide-cut shoes or pads to cushion the bunion might work.