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With thy dear name as text, though bidden by thee, I can not write-I can not speak or think-- Alas, I can not feel; for 'tis not feeling, This standing motionless upon the golden Threshold of the wide-open gate of dreams, Gazing, entranced, adown the gorgeous vista, And thrilling as I see, upon the right, Upon the left, and all the way along, Amid empurpled vapors, far away To where the prospect terminates-thee only!
She moved not, massive and shapeless like a recumbent statue in the rough; he remembered her wide-open eyes looking into the empty room.
But when it was undressed and he caught a glimpse of wee, wee, little hands, little feet, saffron-colored, with little toes, too, and positively with a little big toe different from the rest, and when he saw Lizaveta Petrovna closing the wide-open little hands, as though they were soft springs, and putting them into linen garments, such pity for the little creature came upon him, and such terror that she would hurt it, that he held her hand back.
And why not enjoy myself?" thought Natasha, gazing at Helene with wide-open, wondering eyes.
Wide-Open World is an adventure made up of countless small moments of human connection.
Some owners we surveyed made the switch from oiled Brackett foam filters to the dry Donaldson filter because of perceived performance loss (including increased takeoff ground roll) and reported slight increases in manifold pressure, takeoff power and climb rates while at wide-open throttle.
Aschraft incorporated this wide-open style at his previous stop, Siloam Springs.
Rhys Flint takes the ride and he presents each-way value in a wide-open affair.
Added forward Chase Budinger: "We gave them wide-open looks, we didn't get back in transition a couple times, which led to wide-open threes, and there was miscommunication as well.
"We are committed to a wide-open, unconstrained search for truth, and we are convinced that Catholic teaching has nothing to fear from engaging the wider culture."
Hollywood has tapped into New Zealand's natural beauty and wide-open spaces to create beautiful backdrops for some of your favorite movies.
In the end, he discovers a wide-open desolate space, and because he can't help himself, he begins to sing.