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Now, though I was perhaps the least observant person in the troop, I was not the least wideawake where Corporal Connal was concerned, and it struck me at once that we were heading in the wrong direction.
But this beauty goes one better than the poison; that was wilful waste; but I'll eat my wideawake if our loss last night wasn't the enemy's double gain!
Sometimes these correspondents assumed facetious names, as the Brick, Bellows, Old Gooseberry, Wideawake, Snooks, Mops, Cutaway, the Dogs-meat Man; but he considered this in bad taste, and was always a little hurt by it.
The black dress, gold cross on the watch-chain, the hairless face, and the soft, black wideawake hat would have marked him as a holy man anywhere in all India.
"It ain't for a common man to set up his opinion again' a gentleman wot have profesh'nal knowledge of the heavens, as one may say," said the man, "but I would 'umbly offer to bet my umbrellar to his wideawake that it don't cease raining this side of seven o'clock."
well you get the idea) we were rudely woken at 7.30 in the morning by a wideawake six-year-old using our bed as a trampoline.
Dr Jarvis says: "Mixing alcohol with energy drinks can be a dangerous combination - making people 'wideawake drunk', creating a false sense of security."
Getting as close as possible to the white water with your cast was important so a wideawake guide was essential to position the boat and the read the swells.
The tendency to 'domesticate' and naturalize the work in terms of traditional narration is exactly what Joyce strove to avoid by writing Finnegans Wake--for as he writes in a letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver: "One great part of every human existence is passed in a state which cannot be rendered sensible by the use of wideawake language, cutanddry grammar and goahead plot" (Letters 146).
Two specially prepared Vulcans were flown to Wideawake airfield on the Ascension Islands, along with eleven Victor tankers in support.

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