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Noun1.widebody aircraft - a commercial airliner with two aisleswidebody aircraft - a commercial airliner with two aisles
airliner - a commercial airplane that carries passengers
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Speaking to Reuters at the company's widebody aircraft factory in Everett, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg noted that it was "tough to predict" the timing of a possible trade pact between the U.S.
The company signed lease agreements for 48 aircraft, including 4 widebody aircraft and 44 narrowbody aircraft.
Aircraft company AerCap Holdings NV (NYSE:AER) reported on Monday that it has entered into lease agreements for 48 aircraft, including four widebody aircraft and 44 narrowbody aircraft for the second quarter of 2019.
Boeing, which dominates the Japanese airline market, is the main supplier of widebody aircraft for JAL and All Nippon Airways.
It was the first crash of a widebody aircraft and, at the time, the second-deadliest single-aircraft disaster in the United States."
With new fuel-efficient engines, aerodynamic improvements, and the advanced Airspace by Airbus cabin, the A330-900 will give Delta a premier long-haul, widebody aircraft with exceptionally low operating costs.
by Times News Service Emirates has also decided to continue growing with Airbus' newest generation, flexible widebody aircraft, ordering 40 A330-900 and 30 A350-900 aircraft.
It can accommodate two widebody aircraft and two narrow-body aircraft or one widebody plane and three narrow-body planes.
Several leaders, including Nepali Congress president SherBahadurDeuba, have been dragged into the widebody aircraft purchase deal in which over Rs 4.35 billion was found to be misappropriated.
Boeing's four widebody aircraft families -- the 747, 767, 777, and 787 -- combined for only 218 orders last year, slightly fewer than the 226 widebodies Boeing delivered during 2018.
The portfolio is made up of 69 per cent current generation narrow body aircraft, 24 per cent widebody aircraft, and 7 per cent ATR72-600 turboprop aircraft.