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adj. wid·er, wid·est
a. Having a specified extent from side to side: a ribbon two inches wide.
b. Extending over a great distance from side to side; broad: a wide road; a wide necktie.
2. Having great extent or range; including much or many: a wide selection; granting wide powers; wide variations.
3. Fully open or extended: look with wide eyes.
a. To the side of or at a distance from a given boundary, limit, or goal: a shot that was wide of the target.
b. Baseball Outside.
c. Sports Being toward or near one of the side boundaries of a playing area, such as a sideline on a football field.
5. Deviating or straying from something expected or specified: a remark that was wide of the truth.
6. Linguistics Lax.
adv. wider, widest
1. Over a great distance; extensively: traveled far and wide.
2. To the full extent; completely.
3. To the side of or at a distance from a given boundary, limit, or goal.
4. Sports Toward or near one of the sides of a playing area: ran wide to catch a pass.
n. Sports
A ball bowled outside of the batsman's reach, counting as a run for the batting team in cricket.

[Middle English, from Old English wīd; see wi- in Indo-European roots.]

wide′ly adv.
wide′ness n.
wid′ish adj.
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(ˈwaɪ dɪʃ)

rather wide; tending to be wide.
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adjziemlich breit
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Crucially, Ambris put on 65 for the fifth wicket with Blackwood who hit 31 before losing patience and edging a drive at a wide ball from seamer Shivam Dube, to be caught at a widish first slip by Easwaran.
He deposited Matt Salisbury and Matt Potts for six on his way to 33 from 22 balls before nicking a widish delivery from Ben Raine through to keeper Cameron Bancroft.
Unfortunately for Enderby, Steve Shipley, who produced two widish deliveries which were both confidently put away for four through, a surprisingly vacant, third man by Jack Child (10 not out).
In the very first ball of the 11th over, Chahal grabbed his third wicket as Rahim miscued a widish googly, skying the ball over backward point where Shankar took a fine diving catch running to his right.
Matthew Widish and David Richards, both 3PB; and Carl Csukas, The Wilkes Partnership
Ballance was next to go when he miscued a widish Bailey delivery to mid-off as the partnership with Leaning fell two short of 50.
Another six followed before Tahir turned it around with a widish leg Delhi Daredevils players celebrate the fall of a Kings XI Punjab wicket in Pune on Wednesday; (below) Kings XI Punjab co-owner Preity Zinta with Arbaaz Khan.
Johnson breakthrough Johnson, who finished with figures of four for 78, made the breakthrough when Matt Prior took a swipe at a widish delivery and got a nick on it to be caught behind for 26.
It was Johnson who made the breakthrough when Matt Prior took a swipe at a widish delivery and got a nick on it to be caught behind for 26.
Given the good recent form of the Meehan yard, I would have thought Most Improved would be pretty straight and provided his widish draw isn't an inconvenience, I expect him to win this and be a player in the Guineas, if not necessarily a value poke in that race.
Jonathan Trott (seven) was next to go when he smashed a widish De Villiers ball straight to Loots Bosman at point.