widow's mite

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wid·ow's mite

A small contribution made by one who has little.

[From the widow who gave two small coins to the Temple treasury in Mark 12:43.]
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widow's mite

a small contribution given by a person who has very little
[allusion to Mark 12:43]
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To escape the vats I would stop at nothing steal the widow's mite, the orphan's crust, and pennies from a dead man's eyes."
Gusher spoke for an hour and a half on the subject to a meeting, including two charity schools of small boys and girls, who were specially reminded of the widow's mite, and requested to come forward with halfpence and be acceptable sacrifices, I think the wind was in the east for three whole weeks.
'It calls for the delivery on our corporate objective of promoting health, with focus on access, affordable and demand, as well as contributing our widow's mite to the eradication of poverty,' Abayomi said.
But, this time, he was holding a collection basket and collecting shillings from the poor and not the rich, demanding that this time round no widow's mite will be accepted.
After taking my widow's mite for sketchy services, the gazillionaire telecoms further burden aging pensioners like myself by shifting the responsibility for printing out my phone bill, or they will charge me P50 for a copy.
I'm sticking my widow's mite on Boxing Day DRAWS for Sean Dyche (below) and Burnley, plus Leicester, Watford, Birmingham, Leeds, Norwich and Swansea.
In the midst of indifference there were individuals who understood the purity of their intention who came forward to support them with their 'widow's mite'.
Have you ever cringed at least a little at the story of the widow's mite? Did you ever wonder if Jesus really wanted a poor, vulnerable woman to "give her whole livelihood" to the Temple treasury?
He valued the widow's mite Who are the great people in Jesus'estimation?
From out of that whirlwind spin the faux-populists of the Beltway Right: placeless mountebanks banking the widow's mite in Occupied Northern Virginia.
Add our widow's mite of bombs to the mountain that is already waiting to be dropped (or not, as the case may be)?