widow's walk

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widow's walk

A railed platform or cupola, typically on a coastal house. Also called widow's watch.

[From tales of ship captains' wives using such structures to watch, often in vain, for returning ships.]
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wid′ow's walk`

a platform or walk atop a roof, as on coastal New England houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, often used as a lookout for incoming ships.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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Noun1.widow's walk - a lookout atop a coastal house
lookout station, observation tower, observatory, lookout - a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
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Lewis * George Burns * Grandma Moses * Martha Washington * Norman Rockwell * Mary Todd Lincoln * Milton Hershey (Hershey's Kisses) * Julia Child * Coretta Scott King * Captain von Trapp (of The Sound of Music) * Henry VIII Katharine Graham (of The Washington Post) *George Palmer Putnam (Amelia Earhart's widower) *Hetty Green (world's biggest miser) *Abby Day Slocomb (sent recently opened 100-year time capsule to Groton) * William Gillette (aka Sherlock Holmes) * Frances Sawyer Wolfe (moved to Mystic home with "widow's walk" after sea captain husband perished in Texas's worst Maritime disaster).
I found "Widow's Walk II" to be particularly eerie.
Signs of his expertise are everywhere, from the gorgeous ladder to the widow's walk to the boxy exterior deck lights he designed for the deck.
Like the classic seafarers' homes of old, there's even a widow's walk, located up a spiral staircase, with spectacular sunset views across the bay over to the palm trees and beaches of Anna Maria island.
Kenneth Spillias of Lewis Longman and Walker in West Palm Beach published Widow's Walk: The Precipice.
This is in part due to the exterior gestures, which include garage-style sliding doors and a new widow's walk along the spine of the roof's apex, as well as Radic's style of interior design, which is both hungrily stark and--comfortingly rustic.
The centrally located community building with its widow's walk cupola relates the complex to the resort city's historic structures, reinforcing the residents' community identity.
A widow's walk will go to your head like the sight of a former boyfriend pulling up in a two-toned Alpha--sunglasses and a baseball cap, he patiently waits while you study his face.
The posts that hold up the railing of the widow's walk around the outside have corroded to the point that they could easily break off if someone were to put their full weight against them, meaning it's unsafe to maintain the windows without using a lift truck.
The curtain opened on a gorgeous tableau culled from three paintings entitled "Dawn," "Spring Morning," and "Stairway to the Sea," with eight women posed on sets (trees, a staircase, and a widow's walk) designed and lit by M.K.
Last year, after over two years of hard work, she published ''A Widow's Walk: A Memoir of 9/11,'' detailing the very personal and moving experiences she went through.
Despite Lester's advice, Kathy can't keep away from her old home; on one visit to protest the addition of a widow's walk Behrani is adding to officially give it an ocean view, Kathy steps on nails, and is moved by the doting attention lavished upon her by Nadi.