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n.1.One who makes widows by destroying husbands.
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While trying to replace these level-crossings, it is quite regrettable that the Ministry of Transport has never published figures showing the number of people killed on these level crossings, which are known as the widow-makers among the Egyptians.
In the back of the truck, resting there in an old bucket well polished by my butt, are the widow-makers, rod-reel-and-line combinations that would bring a tear to John Wayne's eye.
And yet more flowers in Lurgan, where the IRA widow-makers left five more children weeping for their dead fathers.
Until I began logging, I thought widow-makers were small boats, and I guess if you live on a large body of water, they are.
MP Barry Sheerman is right to call powerful motorbikes widow-makers and orphan-makers as he did in the House Of Commons last month.