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 (wĭdth′wīz′, wĭth′-, wĭtth-)
From side to side; in terms of width.


(ˈwɪdθˌwaɪz) or


in the direction of the width; from side to side
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Key statement: There is provided a pneumatic tire including a pair of left and right beads each including a bead core and a bead filler, and a carcass ply extending between the pair of beads, wherein the carcass ply is wound up around the bead core from the outside to the inside in the widthwise direction of the tire, and an end portion of the windup portion of the carcass ply is provided with notches at a plurality of positions in the circumference direction of the tire.
Ruling: 1 One Point Ruling To Be Done Widthwise 21 Cms .
The Mala Khel Anticline is laterally extended for several kilometers along strike and nearly five kilometers along widthwise and comprised ofstrata ranging in age from Jurassic to Siwaliks.
Place this block widthwise between the cylinder face and the back of the ratchet.
Thread count refers to how many threads - lengthwise and widthwise - that are woven into one square inch of fabric.
Additionally, Best Buy has included a photo gallery of the new Nexus 7, which comes in black, features a wide bezel and on screen buttons situated widthwise.
There's loads of space in the front - particularly widthwise - and the rearseat passengers are well looked-after.
Thinly slice one tail widthwise into about fifteen slices.
Telescopes show its disk shrinking widthwise from 9.