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 (wĭdth′wīz′, wĭth′-, wĭtth-)
From side to side; in terms of width.
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(ˈwɪdθˌwaɪz) or


in the direction of the width; from side to side
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Insert one strap short end through the metal ring, and then fold the strap in half widthwise to align the short ends.
Fold the two sheets of A4 paper in half widthwise. 2.
Using pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut pastry widthwise into ten 1 1/2 inch-wide strips.
Draw a vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal line along the widthwise center.
The widthwise projection of the ideal cell is flat, but the lengthwise projection is curved.
Key statement: There is provided a pneumatic tire including a pair of left and right beads each including a bead core and a bead filler, and a carcass ply extending between the pair of beads, wherein the carcass ply is wound up around the bead core from the outside to the inside in the widthwise direction of the tire, and an end portion of the windup portion of the carcass ply is provided with notches at a plurality of positions in the circumference direction of the tire.
Cont in rib until piece measures 18 (19, 19%, 19%, 201/2, 201/2)" from underarm (measured with piece slightly stretched widthwise).
After adding the Lycra yarn, the maximum breaking force in the lengthwise of the single jersey decreased as compared to its widthwise breaking force because of the high elongation percent in the lengthwise direction of the fabric.
The Mala Khel Anticline is laterally extended for several kilometers along strike and nearly five kilometers along widthwise and comprised ofstrata ranging in age from Jurassic to Siwaliks.Eocene strata ofthe overturned forelimb ofthe anticline are thrust along the frontal ramp over the Chinji Formation ofSiwaliks.The Jurassic sequence is constructing the centre of the fold where the oldest rocks of Datta Formation are exposed in the core of this anticline.
Thread count refers to how many threads - lengthwise and widthwise - that are woven into one square inch of fabric.
Additionally, Best Buy has included a photo gallery of the new Nexus 7, which comes in black, features a wide bezel and on screen buttons situated widthwise. The retailer has not yet listed shipping or in-store pick up information.