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adj. wield·i·er, wield·i·est
Easily wielded or managed.
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adj, wieldier or wieldiest
easily handled, used, or managed
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(ˈwil di)

adj. wield•i•er, wield•i•est.
readily wielded or managed, as in use or action.
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- Means "easily controlled or handled," and once meant "agile, nimble."
See also related terms for nimble.
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Adj.1.wieldy - easy to handle or use or managewieldy - easy to handle or use or manage; "a large but wieldy book"
unmanageable, unwieldy - difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape; "we set about towing the unwieldy structure into the shelter"; "almost dropped the unwieldy parcel"
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Presently she would re- appear, leading by the hand a man, gross and un- wieldy like a hippopotamus, with a bad-tempered, surly face.
The wheels are pushed to the corners of the vehicle to maximise interior space and manoeuvrability while keeping the van compact and wieldy.
Once you've got used to double-deckers towering over you (even taxis tower over you), you begin to appreciate the 3-Wheeler's wieldy dynamics, diminutive dimensions and feisty character.
One of them is the Mazda CX-5, a well-priced roomy five-door that's a tad bigger than some of its obvious rivals yet impressively wieldy for a high-rider.
While the Tipo doesn't try to be sporty, its handling is light and wieldy, with decent levels of cornering and pleasantly weighted steering.
This made a wieldy weapon and I swung it at his head.
More recently the ongoing happenings in Saudi Arabia exemplifies that the sharing of political power among the sons of the many tribes represented in founder king Saud's harem has proved on wieldy enough to demand gradual tampering to facilitate brothers and not half-brothers in its role of succession.
Out on Fenland roads for the Arona's press introduction the car coped well with some surfaces plainly challenged by anything solid below to keep them level, its modest dimensions helping make it feel wieldy and light when a corner arrived.
Many airlines and airports receive instant feedback thanks to this wieldy kiosk that has buttons with 4 different colors and face expressions.
At just over 4 inches tall and a hair over an inch wide, the Micro 9 is wieldy. It weighs just 15.6 ounces yet features much of the same functionality as heftier 1911s.
Secondly, we shall wieldy collect other different comments from representative medias and carefully find out their standing points, value standpoint, social influence and assets.