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adj. wield·i·er, wield·i·est
Easily wielded or managed.


adj, wieldier or wieldiest
easily handled, used, or managed


(ˈwil di)

adj. wield•i•er, wield•i•est.
readily wielded or managed, as in use or action.


- Means "easily controlled or handled," and once meant "agile, nimble."
See also related terms for nimble.
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Adj.1.wieldy - easy to handle or use or managewieldy - easy to handle or use or manage; "a large but wieldy book"
unmanageable, unwieldy - difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape; "we set about towing the unwieldy structure into the shelter"; "almost dropped the unwieldy parcel"
References in classic literature ?
Presently she would re- appear, leading by the hand a man, gross and un- wieldy like a hippopotamus, with a bad-tempered, surly face.
More recently the ongoing happenings in Saudi Arabia exemplifies that the sharing of political power among the sons of the many tribes represented in founder king Saud's harem has proved on wieldy enough to demand gradual tampering to facilitate brothers and not half-brothers in its role of succession.
Out on Fenland roads for the Arona's press introduction the car coped well with some surfaces plainly challenged by anything solid below to keep them level, its modest dimensions helping make it feel wieldy and light when a corner arrived.
Secondly, we shall wieldy collect other different comments from representative medias and carefully find out their standing points, value standpoint, social influence and assets.
Smart, wieldy, reasonably spacious, affordable to run and with just enough SUV-ness about it to get you to the places you tend to dream about but will probably never go.
This Clubman's larger size will make it a touch less wieldy around town than you might expect a MINI to be; the turning circle, for example, has risen from the 11.
Because each direction flow may have large wieldy range and have different distribution, taking those flows as same metrics may magnify smaller fields effect in the end.
The barrel length seems to be just about right--long enough to be accurate and keep the ,44's prodigious muzzle blast away from your face, yet short enough to be light and wieldy.
So they may not care that this car isn't quite as sharp and wieldy as a rival Nissan Juke, nor does it have the big SUV polish of a comparable Skoda Yeti.
The extra 120kg of weight added by the hybrid system means that you shouldn't expect this Q70 to feel as wieldy through corners as a conventional petrol-powered 3.
which may be preferable to the less wieldy space [L.
Based on the same platform as the highly successful 208 compact hatchback, and reflecting a further, refined interpretation of the latest Peugeot style, the 2008 combines the wieldy dimensions and nippy character of the 208 with the space, versatility and lifestyle appeal of a compact crossover.