wig out

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An artificial covering of natural or synthetic hair worn on the head for personal adornment, as part of a costume, or to conceal baldness.
tr.v. wigged, wig·ging, wigs
To scold or censure.
Phrasal Verb:
wig out Slang
To make or become wildly excited, enthusiastic, or crazy.

[Short for periwig.]

wig out

vb wigs, wigging or wigged
(intr, adverb) informal to become extremely excited
[C20: from bigwig]
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From here the songs evolved into the 13 tracks that would make up Given To The Wild, an epic of distorted pop, psychedelia and soulful guitar wig outs.
We've reviewed it exclusively, so regulars will know that its gutsy power pop, spliced with beat leadened wig outs, makes it almost worth waiting for.
The album explodes into life with TNT-packed, one-foot-on-the-monitor opener Four Letter Ws ord, one of several leather-clad wig outs that give Different Gear, Still Speeding a bruising sonic edge.