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Noun1.wiggliness - a jerky back and forth kind of mobility; "he walked with the wiggliness of a child on high heels"
looseness, play - movement or space for movement; "there was too much play in the steering wheel"
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Informally, the smoothing functions in Model (1) reflect the "wiggliness" of rates across LOSs, and in using [f.sub.Offense] (LOS) and [f.sub.Defense] (LOS), we allow for the shape of the association between LOS and the penalty outcomes to vary by Sideline.
The fitting procedure uses a generalised cross-validation statistic to optimise the balance between function wiggliness and goodness-of-fit.
A number of mathematicians and physicists are studying how the wiggliness of a drum's rim affects its sound, especially in cases where the boundary is so wrinkled -- with crinkles atop crinkles -- that it can be termed a fractal.