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tr.v. wi·ki·fied, wi·ki·fy·ing, wi·ki·fies
1. To format (a text) for use on a wiki, as by adding tags to create links.
2. To establish as a wiki: wikified the design project.
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Thus, if the input document that we're trying to wikify contains the phrase a, it might be the case that this occurrence of a in the input document also constitutes a mention of the concept t, and the concept t is a candidate annotation for this particular phrase.
One of the most useful functionalities offered by the FLAX is the possibility of exploiting term usage by working on the activities proposed in each section such as "completing collocations", "word guessing" or "scrambled sentences", amongst others, and also of consulting other contexts like Wikipedia by activating the "wikify" option, where the most salient terms are linked to their definition and related topics.
"Wikify!: linking documents to encyclopedic knowledge," in Proc.
WikiLeaks strived to "wikify" leaking by way of incorporating advanced cryptographic technologies for anonymity and untraceability, all in the form of a wiki.
They can also "wikify" the class, so that students can create, edit, and collaborate on documents online.
Who are the founders and what prompted them to "wikify" business listings?
2) Or, Logisticians can "wikify" documents to facilitate the government contracting process.