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Noun1.wild apple - any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit
apple tree - any tree of the genus Malus especially those bearing firm rounded edible fruits
Malus sylvestris, wild crab - wild crab apple native to Europe; a chief ancestor of cultivated apples
American crab apple, garland crab, Malus coronaria - medium-sized tree of the eastern United States having pink blossoms and small yellow fruit
Malus fusca, Oregon crab apple - small tree or shrub of western United States having white blossoms and tiny yellow or red fruit
Iowa crab, Iowa crab apple, Malus ioensis, prairie crab, western crab apple - wild crab apple of western United States with fragrant pink flowers
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I walked over each farmer's premises, tasted his wild apples, discoursed on husbandry with him, took his farm at his price, at any price, mortgaging it to him in my mind; even put a higher price on it -- took everything but a deed of it -- took his word for his deed, for I dearly love to talk -- cultivated it, and him too to some extent, I trust, and withdrew when I had enjoyed it long enough, leaving him to carry it on.
I have frequently seen a poet withdraw, having enjoyed the most valuable part of a farm, while the crusty farmer supposed that he had got a few wild apples only.
63,000 seedlings of deciduous trees are allocated, including poplar, birch, elm, willow, apricot, almond, pistachio, wild rose, walnut, ash tree, wild apple, wild cherry.
His mind steadied itself by browsing the fruiting boughs of a stand of wild apple trees; a whisper of autumnal redness in the maples.
He started scavenging Maine's forgotten fruit in 1984 under his company FedCo Trees, which sought and propagated wild apple varieties found on roadsides, falling from branches into neighbors' backyards.
SAVE: 73p | Pukka Organic Wild Apple & Cinnamon Fruit 20 Tea Bags, Sainsbury's, were PS2.50, now PS2.
Some tourists tend to visit Jangi forest of the region, where wild apple, pear, plum trees, surrounded with sulfur springs, grow.
There was "a lot of positive buzz" among the attendees, said Anita Petersen, marketing director of exhibitor Wild Apple. "The show was really busy for us," Petersen said.
Airig Fedo: Lords of the Wood Dair oak Coll hazel Cuilenn holly Ibar yew Uinnius ash Ochtach Scots pine Aball wild apple Aithig Fedo: Commoners of the Wood Fern alder Sail willow See hawthorn Caerthann mountain ash Beithe birch Lem elm Idath wild cherry Fodla Fedo: Lower Divisions of the Wood Draigen blackthorn Trom elder Feorus spindle-tree Findcholl whitebeam Caithne strawberry tree Crithach aspen Crann fir juniper Losa Fedo: Bushes of the Wood Raith bracken Rait bog-myrtle Aitenn gorse Dris bramble Froech heather Gilcach broom Spin wild rose
Malus sieversii, the Central Asian wild apple from the "Stans" (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan), is the main parent of the apple.
This rich biodiversity is evident while hiking its nine trails -- lush forests of juniper, fir and wild apple trees border stands of cedar, the trees towering over clusters of bushy yellow broom and delicate sprigs of wild rose.