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Noun1.Wild bean - a North American vine with fragrant blossoms and edible tuberswild bean - a North American vine with fragrant blossoms and edible tubers; important food crop of Native Americans
groundnut, wild bean, potato bean - nutlike tuber; important food of Native Americans
Apios, genus Apios - twining perennial North American plants
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
2.wild bean - nutlike tuber; important food of Native Americans
Apios americana, Apios tuberosa, groundnut, groundnut vine, Indian potato, wild bean, potato bean - a North American vine with fragrant blossoms and edible tubers; important food crop of Native Americans
tuber - a fleshy underground stem or root serving for reproductive and food storage
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Throughout the Forum, participants of the Forum visiting the UK pavilion will have the chance to see the "100 years of friendship" photo exhibition on 100 years of renewed diplomatic relations between the UK and Poland, drink coffee by Wild Bean Cafe by BP, and enjoy VR activities by Sage.
Electric vehicle drivers using the two new chargers, operated by BP Chargemaster on the Polar network, will be able to benefit from a range of amenities on site, including M&S Simply Food, Wild Bean Cafe and an automated car wash.
This is the largest single group re-signing that BP has ever secured in the UK and paves the way for the two parties to now focus on additional sources of value including Wild Bean Cafe, BP Chargemaster, Ultimate fuels and BP's new loyalty scheme which will be launched later in the year.
"I stared in awe until the drizzle soaked the collar of my fleece, before stealing some serviettes from the Wild Bean Cafe to dry tears of wonder from my eyes.
FAT SALT Costa's chocolate twis croissant 396 27.7g 11.7g 0.6g Pret Chocolate and hazelnut 379 11.5g 11.7g 0.5g Starbucks Cheddar & mushroom croissant 480 3.2g 16g 1.8g Starbucks Ham & Cheddar croissant 497 2.7g 15g 2.7g Starbucks Luxury Fruit Toast 455 39.4g 3.8g 0.54g Costa Ham & Emmenthal cheese croissant 358 7.6g 12.9g 1.1g Caffe Nero Almond croissant 350 11.3g 13.4g 0.5g Greggs Almond croissant 343 8.6g 10g 0.74g Pret Breakfast muffin 430 19.6g 2.5g 0.7g Wild Bean cafe Pain aux raisins 319 18.2g 8.6g 0.76g
(2005) obtained genetic diversity values among the wild bean genotypes collected from different regions of Mexico as H=0.14 and I=0.29.
3 Latte I was gigging at the weekend with my function band The Collection and stopped off on the way home for a latte at the Wild Bean Cafe.
It operates with a number of brand names, such as BP, Castrol, Arco, Aral, ampm and the Wild Bean Cafe.
It was important that Wild Bean Cafes could update content without relying on other third parties.
With exotic names like ayote de caballo (a wild squash), frlajollto (a wild bean), and teocinte (a wild relative of corn), Guatemala's native plants seem very different from the agricultural bounty produced by farmers in the United States and other countries.
"We are bringing together fantastic quality food from Marks & Spencer with the best of BP with its Wild Bean Cafe.