wild blue yonder

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Noun1.wild blue yonder - the sky as viewed during daylightwild blue yonder - the sky as viewed during daylight; "he shot an arrow into the blue"
sky - the atmosphere and outer space as viewed from the earth
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Of course, this being a supernatural thriller, the plot does spin out into the wild blue yonder that stretches believability but thanks to Moore, it remains grounded in a kind of plausible reality.
Each year we witness more and more of our leaders heading off into the wild blue yonder of retirement.
Still, I had an uneasy, queasy angst when Lasky threw me out the door of the plane and into the wild blue yonder to officially describe the third inning, with the JetHawks ahead 2-0.
It is framed in the Air Force hymn Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder.
Voices in the wild blue yonder, 2005), en los que se halla siempre implicito de alguna forma el sonido desde una concepcion y perspectiva particulares, no muy habituales.
Though perhaps initially inspired by the 1940 and 1967 versions of One Million BC, the first starring Victor Mature, the second, Raquel Welch, 10,000 BC has gone beyond those films' simple story of the humble Shell people and the hostile Rock people and into the wild blue yonder.
Finally, Wild Blue Yonder (15,87 mins ***) is a fake documentary that employs footage from Arctic deep-sea exploration and the 1989 Space Shuttle mission in a fable about a quest to find new worlds as Earth dies.
PAUL WELLER: Wild Blue Yonder Punchy guitar-scarred driving pop that's hard on the outside while hiding something of a soft centre.
Excuse me, Mr Blair, before you rip open your shirt to reveal your Superman suit and fly off into the wild blue yonder, just how will a dead duck Prime Minister, whose P45 is in the post, convince our fellow Americans to give up the good life that they have enjoyed for so long, or China, whose ever mounting attack on world trade, with power stations being built week after week, is as much as a threat to the ozone layer as the Yanks?
Though leaping into the wild blue yonder can test the mettle of even the bravest Airman, cadets learn everything they need to float safely to earth before they ever hear the jumpmaster's order, "stand in the door.
Detailed instructions on how to accomplish these projects will soon have you exploring the wild blue yonder (safely, of course), and your own do-it-yourself know-how.
Latin America's only event accredited by fest org FIAPF as a Category One event opens with Werner Herzog's deep-space mockumentary "The Wild Blue Yonder," in official competition.