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The Climate Institute of Australia predicts that the land area deemed suitable for coffee growing could be reduced by half by 2050, and that wild coffee may disappear by 2080.
The genetic integrity of wild coffee is being lost," he adds.
A COMPARISON OF SOME WILD COFFEE ALTERNATIVES HOW PROCESSED AROMA/ FLAVOR HOW BEST SERVED ACORNS Once leached, Grain-like aroma Blend with other grind, roast, and flavor items percolate BURDOCK Wash root, dry, Bland aroma, and Blend with other grind, roast, strong flavor items; medium to percolate dark roast CALIF.
Even today, vast areas of both Kaffa and the neighboring regions here are home to wild coffee growing in the forests.
Unknowingly, it s the poorest and the most vulnerable residents in these areas who will be affected by destruction of our mountainous regions as they are the ones who rely on charcoal burning for a living and utilise traditional herbs/plants for health and cosmetic reasons as they cannot afford formal health care alternatives or medicines, for example, dandelion or wild coffee is known for treating jaundice and bladder infections.