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Noun1.wild crab - wild crab apple native to Europewild crab - wild crab apple native to Europe; a chief ancestor of cultivated apples
genus Malus, Malus - apple trees; found throughout temperate zones of the northern hemisphere
wild apple, crab apple, crabapple - any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit
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of Brampton, Ontario, are President's Choice East Coast Wild Crab Cakes, which now retail in a 280g carton containing four frozen cakes and bearing the MSC-certified logo.
The new gluten-free Blue Horizon Wild Crab Cakes are made with wild Atlantic Blue Claw crab and all-natural ingredients.
Jeff Hetrick, director for the Seward hatchery, believes that we are closer to that reality than we ever have been, noting "this is not going to happen overnight, but there is a definite opportunity here to work together and truly enhance our wild crab stocks."
1987) may result in different demographic characteristics between wild crab populations, and what is typically found in commercial traps.
p Reader Gary McLardy is looking for news of various plants he is studying in the region -- have you seen wild crab apple, wild pear, cranberry, waterwort, whortleberry or juniper in the last 10 years?
Wild crab apples thrive at the edge of openings or along old roadways or fence lines, and if you are a spring turkey hunter, chances are you will be afield at about the time the trees are in bloom.
paramamosain rearing, wild crab juveniles (carpus width 10-15 mm) were captured from coastal areas along Hainan Island in April.
The samples will be analyzed at the ADF&G lab in Anchorage." Persselin notes that the genetic information also will be used to differentiate hatchery-reared crab from wild crab.
Confirmation using seven microsatellite loci revealed that one wild crab and one batch A crab grouping with batch J (Fig.
There was more variability in wild crab samples than in cultured crabs along PC2, with negative values indicating increased lipid per WWT, and positive values indicating increases in the long-chain PUFA 22:6n-3.
It also offers a scenic treat of wild crabs dotting the shorelines.
2007) and were used to compare the differences in ovarian development between pond-reared and wild crabs.