Wild goose chase

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"But I heard that blue-clad knave say that they would go straight forward to Saint Albans; so, an ye hurry forward, ye may, perchance, catch them on the highroad betwixt here and there." For this news the leader of the band thanked mine host right heartily, and, calling his men together, mounted and set forth again, galloping forward to Saint Albans upon a wild goose chase.
'While the EFCC claims that it is investigating the Office of the Senate President between 2015 and 2019, we make bold to say that it is just on a wild goose chase. That Office has nothing to do with contract awards and handling of the finances of the National Assembly.
'Before the general election, Pakatan Harapan convinced the people that they were full of ideas but they have been making many wrong turns and leading the people on a wild goose chase.
A memorable season for Caldy may have ended with a wild goose chase but the day and this promotion season will never be forgotten by everyone involved.
Shell in early July 2014 admitted its search for gas in RaK had been a decade-long wild goose chase. So it decided to abandon its area and related JV with Saudi Aramco.
Dr Ricky Allen has now been on the run for 15 days and the hunters are getting frustrated, especially after the GP from Kent sent them on a wild goose chase.
Yes, we went on a wild goose chase. If you look at the numbers: 350 million middle-class consumers, 500 million under the age of 25 - big numbers were thrown, which kicked up the euphoria.
Arkady, the KGB sleeper agent who has been feeding them information, has basically sent them on a wild goose chase.
"I don't often feel sorry for Kevin Pietersen but having been told by the chairman-elect to go and score runs in the County Championship if he wants to get back in the England side, Kevin's been sent on a wild goose chase.
In one, a lost wedding ring leads to a wild goose chase involving meth addicts, skinheads and an Elvis impersonator.
During proceedings, Justice Jawad S Khawaja remarked that government should have to play its role as ordering something to sensitive institutes is a wild goose chase.
"A lot of the time it's a wild goose chase," he said.