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Noun1.wild ox - any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Biboswild ox - any of various wild bovines especially of the genera Bos or closely related Bibos
Bos, genus Bos - wild and domestic cattle; in some classifications placed in the subfamily Bovinae or tribe Bovini
bovine - any of various members of the genus Bos
Bos primigenius, urus, aurochs - large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox; considered one of the ancestors of domestic cattle
Bos grunniens, yak - large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated
banteng, Bos banteng, tsine, banting - wild ox of the Malay Archipelago
Bibos, genus Bibos - wild ox
Asian wild ox - genus of Asiatic wild oxen
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A trio of friends of Paul present at Pentecost are shown as a wild ox, a rhino, and a unicorn.
The next course is called 'Mython' - after the breed of wild ox eaten in the Chin state of Myanmar.
answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Wimbledon; Asiatic wild ox; New York; 1913 REMEMBER WHEN: 1962 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: Rip had done 12 circuits, Rap 11 WORDWISE: B WHO AM I: Luciano Pavarotti 10 QUESTIONS: 1.
A type of heavy scout vehicle, called the 'wild ox,' capable of accommodating 17 full-armed soldiers, has been deployed to a border defense regiment in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, which shares a border with three countries.
Blue cheddar yoghurt dip Idealise with wild ox wings or your most loved flame broiled vegetables and meats, a tiny bit of this blue cheddar yoghurt dip goes a genuinely long way.
Others point to an extinct wild ox from Eurasia, the Aurochs, or of a wild goat.
In three different parts, Thapar offers extracts and stories about our great predators -- tigers, leopards, snow leopards, lions and golden cats, magnificent herbivores like the elephant, rhino, wild ox, deer and antelope through the words of travellers, hunters, writers, photographers and naturalists such as Pliny the Elder, Ibn Battuta, Mughal emperors Babur and Akbar, Francois Bernier, Isabel Savory, Jim Corbett, Kenneth Anderson, M.
I challenge anyone not to find one to suit their taste and I decided to be adventurous and try wild ox.
Tom Collins, a member of the Stockton Invitation Homing Society based at the Wild Ox, was the last recipient when he won it for the third time in succession.
These animals are the lion (Job 38:39-40), the raven (38:41), the goat (39:1-4), the deer (39:1-4), the donkey (39:5-8), the wild ox (39:912), the ostrich (39:13-18), the horse (39:19-25), and the hawk and the eagle (39:26-30).
Washington, March 28 ( ANI ): DNA studies have suggested that all cattle are descended from as few as 80 animals that were domesticated from wild ox in the Near East some 10,500 years ago.