wild wheat

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Noun1.wild wheat - found wild in Palestinewild wheat - found wild in Palestine; held to be prototype of cultivated wheat
wheat - annual or biennial grass having erect flower spikes and light brown grains
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Then they went inland to the holluschickie grounds and rolled up and down in the new wild wheat and told stories of what they had done while they had been at sea.
(2016) reported that PEG-6000-induced drought stress reduced the GR of modern wheat cultivars by 55% and suggested that wheat breeders should benefit from the variation in primitive and wild wheat genetic resources.
Inside each was a carefully dried and pressed seed pod: a sweet clover from Egypt, a wild wheat found only in northern Syria, an ancient variety of bread wheat.
Before the comet strike, vast swathes of wild wheat and barley had allowed nomadic hunters in the Middle East to set up base camps.
Evaluation of a collection of wild wheat relative Aegilops geniculata roth and identification of potential sources for useful traits.
Researchers found the remains of 150,000 plants, including edible grains such as wild wheat, barley and oat.
Numerous cereal crops that the ancients knew could produce the same quantity of seeds as wild wheat and (http://news.sciencemag.org/archaeology/2009/06/ancient-waves-wild-grain) barley could.
Wild wheat's are neglected crops that could be used in the quality breeding of modern common and durum wheat.
A spike in the proportion of distinctively shaped domesticated emmer wheat remnants appeared almost two millennia after wild wheat cultivation had started.
"What ARS accomplished in 2 years would have taken us about 5 years, assuming we would have enjoyed the same success in crossing with some of the more cantankerous wild wheat relatives used in this project," Carver says.
Hearing lyrically beautiful Welsh melodies like David of The White Rock and Watching the Wild Wheat alongside Men of Harlech (played as a rumba) reminded the fun-loving audience of their rich legacy of traditional melodies.