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It was, indeed, a great yellow Wildcat, and the Woodman thought it must be chasing something, for its ears were lying close to its head and its mouth was wide open, showing two rows of ugly teeth, while its red eyes glowed like balls of fire.
Time and again he fought it out with Leach who fought back always, like a wildcat, tooth and nail and fist, until stretched, exhausted or unconscious, on the deck.
He held out the wildcat bill; she stood as she was, and made no movement.
``Think not so vilely of us, Jews though we be,'' said Isaac, eager to improve the moment of apparent sympathy; ``the hunted fox, the tortured wildcat loves its young the despised and persecuted race of Abraham love their children!''
Skins of wildcat, 'coon, and deer lay about on the pine-board floor.
At that I boiled over, and lifted my hand to strike him; and he, drawing a knife from his rags, squatted back and grinned at me like a wildcat. At that, forgetting everything but my anger, I ran in upon him, put aside his knife with my left, and struck him in the mouth with the right.
Your squaws are the mothers of deer; but if a bear, or a wildcat, or a serpent were born among you, ye would flee.
The general belief that immense fortunes were made by the lucky holders of Bell stock, is an exaggeration that has been kept alive by the promoters of wildcat companies.
I don't know anything about the game, and I should probably run up against some wildcat company.
"If you meet a cat in a wood you think it's a wildcat, though it may have just strolled from the drawing-room sofa.
On those bitter, starlit nights, as we sat around the old stove that fed us and warmed us and kept us cheerful, we could hear the coyotes howling down by the corrals, and their hungry, wintry cry used to remind the boys of wonderful animal stories; about grey wolves and bears in the Rockies, wildcats and panthers in the Virginia mountains.
Well, we swarmed along down the river road, just carrying on like wildcats; and to make it more scary the sky was darking up, and the lightning beginning to wink and flitter, and the wind to shiver amongst the leaves.