wildcat well

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Noun1.wildcat well - an exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field
oil well, oiler - a well that yields or has yielded oil
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Cairn on Monday said it had abandoned a wildcat well at the Godalen prospect following an oil no-show, and a month earlier it did the same on licence 758.
A wildcat well is an exploration well drilled in an area that isn't known to be an oilfield.
onshore wells, plans to drill a second wildcat well on an adjacent block in the Kwanza Basin.
Dana Petroleum Plc (LSE: DNX), a UK-based company that explores for oil and gas resources, has announced drill results from the wildcat well 25/8-16 S and appraisal well 25/8-16 A from production licence 027 D, located in the North Sea.
RWE Dea - North Africa , a party to an EPSA 3 agreement concluded with NOC where the share of NOC is 68% while the share of RWE is 32%, has made a new oil discovery in the exploration wells (G1- NC-193) a new wildcat well in Sirte Basin located around 550 kms east of Tripoli, 150 kms south west of Ras Lanuf.
"This really is a wildcat well. It is a high-risk bid -- we estimate the probability of success at below 15%," Epifanio said, adding that "if we do find something, it will be big".