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(ˈwaɪld lɪŋ)

a wild plant, flower, or animal.
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GAME Of Thrones star Kit Harington was ordered out of a bar - after turning into a wildling over the pool table.
Rose's character - wildling Ygritte - was killed off in season four.
Visitors get to see what the wildling looks like, a tall, leggy bush with bract clusters isolated at the end of long branches.
Grjotagja Cave: Curious about the place where we saw Jon Snow (Kit Harington) lose his virginity by having sex with his wildling love, Ygritte (Rose Leslie)?
Kit who plays Jon Snow in the fantasy series announced this week that he is engaged to his former co-star Rose Leslie who played Wildling Ygritte.
Actress Rose Leslie - who played wildling Ygritte - was last seen telling her former co-star Kit Harington: "You know nothing, Jon Snow" with her dying breath at the end of the fourth series in 2014.
This is followed by a shot of the unsullied entering a gate, a war-raged Jaime Lannister riding on a battlefield, Daenerys atop Drogon, a rain of hellfire, Jon Snow facing a Wildling attack, and finally a closeup of Drogon's big-toothed mouth (Which you can see on the cover image)
Mackenzie Crook played wildling 'seer' Orell in which TV show?
DEAL: In the show's very first scenes, the Night's Watch rides through a snowy forest and stumbles upon Wildling bodies.
Back in April this year, it was Natalia Tena ( who plays a wildling in service to House Stark) who graced the hallowed halls of Comic Con Bangalore along with actor Daniel Portman, who plays the squire Podrick Payne on the show.
Mother-of-two Liv said she had just finished work on her new film Wildling only the day before.